ASCO Numatics Pharmaceutical & Biological Solutions at Valves Direct

ASCO Numatics understand that Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology products have to be manufactured under the most stringent of conditions to ensure the safety and quality of the final product.

ASCO know that each manufacturer and plant will adopt different and unique processes and, in partnership with us here at Valves-Direct, we have the certified and high quality products and solutions to meet the needs of all of them.

ASCO produce products for the chemical processes involved in the manufacture of therapeutic and health related products, as well as having products for the biological processes used within biotechnology plants to create products used in fields such as pharmacology, medicine, agriculture and many others.

As well as understanding your industry ASCO also understand automation and control. They have a broad range of products and solutions for the process areas but also for the ancillary areas such as the control of utilities. Their systems control, measure, and treat - with renowned accuracy and reliability - the flows of liquid, steam, air and other gases in laboratory and process piping.

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Here are just some of the products available here at Valves-Direct:

  • Aseptic diaphragm Valves Aseptic diaphragm valves are constructed to guarantee absolute sterility and meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • Pilot valves Pilot Valves can be controlled by a single pilot valve or by a valve installed on a island. ASCO's valve piloting solutions can be installed in safe areas or in explosive atmospheres such as the new 327 Series
  • Valves For Utilities - ASCO Numatics offers a complete range of valves for controlling utilities, whether that is steam, CIP fluids, air or water.  The range includes pressure operated valves, motorised valves and a range of solenoid operated valves. Some of our most popular products at Valves-Direct are:

  - ASCO Series E398 Pressure Operated Stainless Valves (Threaded)

  - ASCO Series T398 Pressure Operated Stainless Valves (Flanged)

  - ASCO Series 290 Pressure Operated Piston Valves

  • Air Preparation and Treatment - ASCO is passionate about ensuring that compressed air used to power pneumatic systems remains clean and dryprotects air tools, pneumatic control gear and the system itself from corrosion and other damage, avoiding unnecessary maintenance or costly downtime. Check out Valves-Direct  range of Air Service Equipment now.

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Pharmaceutical and Biological Brochure

Why not watch the below video to understand how ASCO's products can be incorporated into Life Sciences Applications:

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