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New 1/8″ & 1/4″ Air Preparation Range (651 Series)

Following on from the success of ASCO’s already popular 652 Series 1/2” range of Air Preparation Equipment, ASCO have now expanded the range to cover all bases! Overview Introducing the...

ASCO Series 327 Solenoid Valves

Interested in the 327 Series, or ASCO Numatics valves generally? Click HERE to get in contact with our sales team today!

Motorised Angle Seat Valves: A Good Alternative To Solenoid Valves

Viable Alternative to the NC Solenoid Valve! Series 290 Motorised 2 Wire Valve If you need any technical guidance or would like a quotation for these valves, click here now to get...

Low Power Motorised Pinch Valves

Sirai have just launched a new low power motorised valve (S170 and S370 Series). These groundbreaking motorised valves come complete with an electronic stepping motor and electronic control board.  This...

NEW: Stainless Steel 290 Series For Food Contact

ASCO have launched a new 290 series that carries the (EC) 1935-2004 regulation for use in applications involving food contact.  This enables the 290 series to be used in contact...

Product Launch: Air Preparation FRL 652 Series!

High Performance The 652 Series features one of the highest flow characteristics of any FRL on the market, compared to its size.  A high flow rate can mean a smaller...

Product Launch: New Hot Water/Steam Solenoid Valves (220 Series)

We are pleased to inform you that ASCO has now launched the new 220 Series –  These are the new focus on hot water/steam solenoid valves, including a novel high-pressure...

Pneutrol Express!

We’re proud to announce our new e-commerce site, Pneutrol Express! This site has just launched and marks an exciting new chapter in Pneutrol International’s online story. For the first time,...

Important Updates to The 551 Series

There have been some critical updates to the ever popular 551 series at ASCO as detailed below: 551 Aluminium Body if now suitable for -40 DEG C This update increases...