ASCO Series 307 Direct Operated Full Flow Cast Iron Or Steel Enclosure

Series 307 - Direct Operated Full Flow Cast Iron Or St Steel Enclosure G1/4 - G1/2

The ASCO Series 307 Direct Operated 3/2 AC solenoid valves with a balanced construction type. They are designed with full flow capacity and a push-type manual operator, and are available in a range of configurations including universal, normally closed, and normally open operation. The valve body is made of brass or stainless steel, depending on the specific model.

The Series 307 Direct Operated solenoid valves are typically used in a variety of applications where precise control of fluid flow is required. They may be used in pneumatic systems, as well as in other types of fluid control systems. The balanced construction of these valves allows them to operate smoothly and reliably, even at high flow rates and under heavy load conditions.

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Orifice Size
9 mm
Port Connection
Working Pressure Max
8 Bar
Working Pressure Min
0 Bar