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ASCO Series 342 NUMATICS Modulair 105-107-112-Regulator

Single Regulators

Stay Ahead in Your Industrial Applications with ASCO Numatics Series 342 Modulair 105/107/112 Air Single Regulators. Our Regulators Offer a Wide Range of Pressure Regulation Ranges, from 0.2 to 10 bar, Ensuring Constant Downstream Pressure with Their Rolling Diaphragm and Self-Relieving Feature. Trust in Our Regulators for Their Reliability and Durability, Thanks to Their Low Hysteresis and Minimal Friction Design. Shop Now for the Perfect Solution for Your Needs.

MODULAIR 105 range
Regulating device with rolling diaphragm (very low hysteresis)
Nitrile seal (NBR)
Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide body (PA)
Locking “pull-turn-push” pressure control knob

MODULAIR 107 and 112 ranges
Regulating device with rolling diaphragm (very low hysteresis)
Nitrile seal (NBR)
Painted zamak body
Locking “pull-turn-push” pressure control knob

Please note: Modulair 105/107/112 Single Regulators can be installed in any position

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Air Service Equipment Type
Working Pressure Max
3 Bar
8 Bar
10 Bar
Working Pressure Min
0.2 Bar
0.5 Bar

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