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ASCO Series J - ASCO Tri-Point Miniature Pressure Switches

Series J - ASCO Tri-Point Miniature Pressure Switches

The Series J ASCO Tri-Point Miniature Pressure Switches are designed for use in industrial control systems to monitor and control the pressure of fluids or gases. They feature a diaphragm or piston sensor that responds to changes in pressure, and a switch that is activated when the pressure reaches a certain set point. The set point and deadband (the range of pressure over which the switch remains inactive) are factory-set and not adjustable. The switches are sealed with an epoxy compound that is resistant to temperature extremes, allowing them to be used in a wide range of environments. The Series J are CSA approved and UL listed for use in industrial control equipment, and are suitable for use in applications where space is limited.

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Accessory Type
Pressure Switch
Ambient Temperature Max
Ambient Temperature Min
ASCO – JB18A214B – 1/4″NPT External Process Connection, Normally Closed, 18″ Lead Wires, Series J – Tri-Point Miniature Pressure Switches
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