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ASCO Series 448 Mountings Series 448 Mountings


The Series 448 Mountings – JOUCOMATIC NUMATICS Rodless Band Cylinders Unguided Carrier (Type STBN) are pneumatic devices that use pressurized air to produce linear motion for a variety of applications. They do not have a visible rod extending from the cylinder, but instead use a sealed band or cable to transmit the force generated by the pressurized air. The carrier for the band or cable is not guided, which means it is not supported by any external structure or mechanism. This allows for more freedom of movement, but may also result in reduced accuracy or precision compared to guided designs. The exact design and features of the Series 448 – JOUCOMATIC NUMATICS cylinders will depend on the specific requirements of the application and the characteristics of the system in which they are used. Featuring a wide range of Series 448 Mountings!

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