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Series 453 Profiled Barrel ISO Cylinders - Valves Direct

Double Acting

Double acting cylinders with profiled barrel are a type of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder that is designed to generate linear motion in two directions. The term “double acting” refers to the cylinder’s ability to extend and retract using pressurized fluid or air on both sides of the piston.

A profiled barrel is a type of cylinder that has a unique shape or contour on the exterior surface of the barrel. This design provides additional strength and stability to the cylinder, helping to prevent deformation or damage under high stress conditions.

These cylinders are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications where linear motion is required. They can be found in a wide range of applications, such as material handling, packaging, automation, and more. The combination of double acting functionality and a profiled barrel makes these cylinders a versatile and reliable choice for many industrial applications.

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