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Series G453 - NUMATICS Round Cylinders With Profiled Barrel

With Through Rod

A cylinder with through rod is a type of pneumatic actuator that has a rod running between its center, connecting the piston to the rod end. Unlike traditional cylinders where the rod is attached to the piston, in a through rod cylinder the rod extends through the entire cylinder and out the other end, providing added stability and support for the cylinder during operation.

Typically used in applications where high forces or large loads need to be transmitted or when the cylinder needs to be supported on both ends to ensure stability. They are commonly used in automation and material handling applications, such as conveyors, palletizers, and robotic arms.

One advantage is that they can handle much higher loads and forces compared to traditional cylinders. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications where large loads need to be moved or lifted. Another advantage is that they are more rigid and stable, which can help to reduce cylinder misalignment and increase the overall reliability of the system.

Overall, through rod cylinders are a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of automation and material handling applications, and they offer many benefits compared to traditional cylinders, including increased load capacity, improved stability, and reduced misalignment.