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With Guiding Unit

The presence of a guiding unit in the cylinder provides improved stability and accuracy in the movement of the piston rod. The guiding unit helps to ensure that the rod moves smoothly and precisely, reducing the risk of bending or deformation.

The high-performance self-lubricating bearing and non-abrasive scraper seal in the series are specifically designed to provide precise rod guidance, even in high-load applications. The self-lubricating bearing helps to reduce friction and wear on the rod, which helps to extend the life of the cylinder. The non-abrasive scraper seal helps to keep debris and contaminants out of the cylinder, reducing the risk of damage to the rod.

Overall, the combination of a guiding unit, self-lubricating bearing, and non-abrasive scraper seal in the series provides a cylinder that is both sturdy and precise, capable of handling high loads while maintaining accuracy and stability in its movement. This helps to ensure reliable and efficient operation in a wide range of applications.