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With Piston Rod Protection

With Piston rod protection refers to the features and design elements that are incorporated into a cylinder to protect the piston rod from damage during operation. The piston rod is a critical component of a cylinder, and it must be protected from damage or bending to ensure that the cylinder operates smoothly and accurately.

In the Series 453 NUMATICS Round Cylinders ISO15552 (Type G453), with piston rod protection is achieved through the use of specially designed components and materials. For example, the cylinder may have a hardened steel piston rod that is less susceptible to bending or deformation. The cylinder may also have a rod seal that provides a barrier between the rod and the surrounding environment, helping to protect it from damage.

Other design elements, such as rod wipers, may also be included in the piston rod protection system to help prevent contamination from entering the cylinder and causing damage to the rod.

This protection within the Series 453 NUMATICS Round Cylinders ISO15552 (Type G453) helps to ensure reliable and accurate operation of the cylinder, even in demanding applications. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the cylinder and reduce the risk of downtime due to component failure.