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Series 450 - JOUCOMATIC Tie Rod Cylinders (Type PES) Through Rod

Through Rod ISO 15552

Through Rod ISO 15552 double acting cylinders are pneumatic actuators designed for use in a variety of industrial applications. They are equipped with a profiled barrel and have a bore size range of 32-125mm, making them suitable for various medium to large sized operations. The cylinders can be equipped with adjustable pneumatic cushioning, which allows for precise control and efficient operation, especially in applications where stopping accuracy is critical.

In terms of media compatibility, these cylinders are designed to work with air or neutral gas, filtered or lubricated, depending on the specific application requirements. Additionally, they are equipped with magnetic position detectors, which are useful for monitoring the position of the cylinder in real-time and can be used for process control.

Overall, Through Rod ISO 15552 double acting cylinders offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for controlling and positioning loads in industrial processes. They can be customized with various features, such as corrosion-resistant materials, stainless steel rods, and more, to ensure that they perform optimally in even the harshest of environments.

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