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Series 453 Dynamic Rod Locking Device

Static Rod Locking Device

The static rod locking device is a feature included in the Series 450 NUMATICS Tie Rod Cylinders ISO15552 (Type G450). It is a mechanism that helps to secure the rod in place when the cylinder is not in use. The device can be used to prevent the rod from extending or retracting due to external forces or vibrations, ensuring the cylinder remains in its desired position.

This device typically works by applying a clamping force to the rod, which locks it in place. The clamping force can be adjusted as needed to suit the specific requirements of the application. In some cases, the device may be manually activated, while in others it may be integrated into the control system of the cylinder.

The device is particularly useful in applications where the cylinder is subject to high levels of vibration or where it is important to maintain the cylinder’s position during periods of inactivity. By providing a secure and reliable locking mechanism, the static rod locking device helps to improve the overall performance and durability of the Series 450 NUMATICS Tie Rod Cylinders.

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